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Divorce and Family Law

Divorce Law
Approaching a law firm and selecting a divorce attorney for assistance in obtaining or defending a divorce is hardly ever a pleasant experience, however at Wouter Minnie Attorneys, we will ensure that the process is kept as short and as uncomplicated as possible.  Our aim is to secure our client the most favourable result possible without compromising our client’s integrity or financial position.

Unopposed Divorces
We will assist married couples who have both decided to seek a divorce and who are prepared to settle the matter amicably.  Wouter Minnie Attorneys will ensure that an appropriate settlement agreement is drafted and will bring the divorce to finality in a swift manner.

Opposed Divorces
We understand and appreciate that going through a divorce is a very difficult experience for most people.  It is for this reason that we strive to carry as much of the burden as we can for our client whilst still maintaining constant contact with our client to ensure that our client is kept abreast of all developments.  Our experienced attorneys always aim to strike a balance between being stern and being fair with the opposition, and also a balance between securing our client their desired result and finalising the divorce as quickly as possible.

Maintenance is a very sensitive, but a pivotal matter that has to be dealt with in a manner that eliminates the necessity to approach the courts on a regular basis.  We strive to reach the best settlement for our clients by performing an in-depth assessment of the relevant parties’ financial position and calculating the amount due in respect of maintenance.

Primary care and access
Access to and care of minor children by parents are issues that are dealt with empathy, but also with a view to longevity.  We endeavour to reach the best settlements for our clients without them having ever to amend the current agreement and without them ever having to approach the courts to amend the current arrangements.

Immovable Property
Sometimes it is necessary to obtain valuations or even transfer property during or after divorce proceedings.  We have an adequate professional network of specialists to make this experience effortless and painless.

Pension benefits and policies
If you are married in community of property this forms part of the joint estate of the parties.  In some instances a share of the spouse’s pension interest and/or policy interest can even be claimed when the parties were married out of community of property.  We ensure that our clients get what they are entitled to in terms of the law.

In certain instances mediation is required to obtain the best results for clients.  We ensure that we, in conjunction with our clients, follow the most effective techniques and procedures to attain the desired outcome.