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Debt Review

Wouter Minnie Attorneys undertake instructions to obtain court orders for consumers throughout the Eastern Cape and we pride ourselves in the success rate achieved in these matters.  We will assist with both opposed and unopposed matters and we even provide a service for the variation of a current order or the rescission thereof.

Debt review orders
Our firm undertakes instructions to obtain debt review orders for consumers throughout the country.  Our success rate is unparalleled in both opposed and unopposed matters.  Unnecessary postponements are not tolerated and finality to all matters are celebrated.

Rescission of debt review orders
Once all the debts are paid in full in a debt review matter or even when a consumer’s financial position has improved so much that the necessity to make payments in terms of a court order has ceased to exist, the debt review  order must be rescinded.  We will draft your application to rescind the court order and we will inform the credit bureau of the rescission once the order is obtained.

Variation of debt review orders
Do you have a current debt review order?  Has your financial position improved or has it gone from bad to worse?  We can bring an application to vary your current debt review order, whether you want to pay more or whether you are experiencing even greater financial difficulty.

Reckless credit
If you have been the victim of credit being advanced to you recklessly, the debt can be written off or payment thereof can be stayed.  Consult with us and we will give you the best available advice.