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Criminal Law

Wouter Minnie Attorneys have dealt with all types of criminal matters ranging from assault, driving under the influence, fraud, housebreaking, theft, robbery and much more. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with a sound legal defence.

Crimes against the State
We have successfully represented clients wrongfully charged with committing public violence and instituted action for wrongful arrest in cases where it was justified.

Crimes against the community
We have assisted clients charged with sexual offences, offences against the family life, like abduction and offences against the public welfare, like drug and alcohol related crimes.

Crimes against the person
If you have been charged with murder, culpable homicide or assault, we have extensive knowledge in matters of this nature and can provide you with a sound legal representation.

Crimes against property
Have you been charged with theft, robbery, fraud or malicious damage to property?  We have extensive knowledge in dealing with matters of this nature.  Ask us to represent you.