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Civil Law

Law of Delict

A delict, in the narrow sense, is any harmful and blameworthy conduct which causes harm to a person.  At Wouter Minnie Attorneys we have dealt with a number of delictual claims which includes claims for wrongful arrest, defamation of character, adultery, professional negligence, claims against the Road Accident Fund, assault, personal injury, damage to property and so much more. 

Our team stays up to date with all the latest developments and will provide you with the best available advice and assistance when required.

Law of Contract

When two or more parties enter into the serious intention to create legal obligations, a contract is formed.  Our firm deals with all types of claims founded in contractual law ranging from claims for specific performance and breach of contract to claims for cancellation of a contract.  Besides the latter, we can also advise you on the interpretation of a specific contract or the validity or non-validity thereof.