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  • Judges in shack demolition case fail to reach agreement
    The case brought by the South African Human Rights Commission and EFF against the City of Cape Town and others is to be heard before three judges of the Western Cape High Court, after the two judges assigned to the matter, Judges Yasmin Meer and Rosheni Allie, could not reach an agreement. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Cabinet approves Land Donations Policy for implementation
    Cabinet has approved the Land Donations Policy, which aims to accelerate land donations as one of the ways to respond to the slow pace of land reform. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Four bills referred to National Assembly for consideration
    The National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has approved four bills for submission to the National Assembly. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • What you need to know about Brexit 2020 and your registered designs...
    Having formally left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom (UK) is now in the transition period, which allows it to remain part of the EU intellectual property (IP) system until 31 December 2020. That's only a few weeks away. So, how will the UK's departure from the EU affect registered design rights holders in the UK and EU? Read more... | Send to a friend
  • All regional courts to adjudicate civil disputes
    Justice Minister Ronald Lamola has announced an increase in regional courts that will adjudicate civil disputes as of December 2020. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Land tenure rights bill moves to NCOP
    The National Assembly has passed the Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights Amendment (Ultra) Bill. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Anti-money laundering can never be a tick-box exercise
    Sumit Kumar Sharma, enterprise architect at In2IT Technologies</span>Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance should not merely be a tick-box exercise for financial institutions, as it not only exposes the organisation to the risk of hefty non-compliance penalties and reputational damages, but could also lead to criminal activity going undetected. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Relief for asylum seekers following Scalabrini judgment
    Home Affairs has been interdicted from implementing certain provisions of the Refugees Act and new Regulations (both implemented on 1 January 2020), which sought to return asylum seekers back to their home country where they could face detention without trial, rape, torture, or death, merely because he or she was a month late in renewing a visa. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Digital company acquisitions to face closer scrutiny by competition authorities
    The Competition Commissioner during the Commission's Annual Conference (in November 2020), noted that the Commission will take a "decisive and proactive stance to ensure the balance of economic forces favour a shift to facilitating entry and a more competitive digital economy". Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Cape Town attorney sentenced for R24m RAF fraud
    A former Cape Town attorney has been handed a 12-year prison sentence for 16 fraudulent Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims worth over R24 million. Read more... | Send to a friend