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  • Navigating the grey market is not a black-and-white issue
    Many people believe that grey goods are always counterfeit and illegal to purchase. But they're not necessarily fakes. Sometimes referred to as parallel imports, grey-market goods are the genuine, non-counterfeit goods of a trade mark owner, imported into an economic area and sold without the trade mark owner's consent. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19 and competition law: clothes, coffee shops, care services & more
    [[www.123rf.com 123rf.com]]</span>Businesses are facing uncertainty worldwide as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their rights and obligations have come into question, with competition authorities worldwide moving swiftly to provide clarity and guidance. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19: How personal versus public freedoms are playing out in South Africa
    South African Law Enforcement officers check movement papers during the country’s 21-day national total lockdown. Nic Bothma/EPA</span>As the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in South Africa two weeks ago, the first glimpse emerged of the lengths to which people would go to avoid isolation. The country also saw what mechanisms law enforcement had at their disposal to impose such measures. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19: Block exemption regulations for shopping mall tenants and landlords
    On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, the SA government, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, gazetted special regulations titled Covid-19 Block Exemption for the Retail Property Sector, 2020', which encourages retail tenants and retail tenants who are competitors to meet with shopping mall owners and reach agreements aimed at addressing matters such as payment holidays, rental discounts and limitations on the possibility of being evicted. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19: How the courts work during lockdown
    While the courts are open, you can only access them if you meet certain criteria. Archive photo: Ashraf Hendricks</span>The courts and the legal system are an essential service, and are continuing to operate during the lockdown. But they are not carrying on as normal, and there are directions which have been issued by the Minister of Justice, and updated on 31 March, which govern how the courts will proceed. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Don't mince your words when making payment holiday requests
    Financial managers are going to be kept busy over the next few months, prioritising payments, hopefully keeping people in their jobs, and managing the expected Covid-19 financial disaster. In negotiations with landlords, banks, financial institutions and creditors, getting the wording wrong in your notices can have severe consequences and open your business up to insolvency, liquidation or business rescue petitions and proceedings. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Law enforcement brutality vs the law
    Police Minister Bheki Cele</span>Many countries around the world implemented various drastic measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. South Africa has effected such measures, including a national lockdown in order to save lives, despite the economic repercussions. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Electronic signatures in lockdown times
    In business, handwritten signatures are required on nearly every document. However, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak it has become almost impossible to obtain multiple original handwritten signatures on the same document. But the need to keep the economy going means that we need to find ways to continue to do business and there is in fact law in place in South Africa to help us achieve this. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19 and what it means for tax in the mining industry
    Image source: Getty/Gallo</span>During the 21-day lockdown period, mining operations in South Africa will scale down significantly. The effect on deep-level mines will probably be most significant as coal mines supplying Eskom will continue to operate, albeit at a reduced level. Read more... | Send to a friend
  • Covid-19 lockdown: Impact on construction contract claims
    The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has already had extreme impacts across the globe, including South Africa. The lockdown, which has resulted in construction sites being shut down, will have a significant impact on projects and result in substantial delay claims. Read more... | Send to a friend